FES Refrigeration Systems

FES offers the industry’s most complete lines of rotary screw compressor packages and centrifugal compressors for a variety of industrial applications. Since 1949 FES has pioneered the industry with custom engineered systems and equipment that are clearly on the leading edge of low temperature refrigeration technology.

FES Industrial Refrigeration Gas Engine Driven Large Screw Compressor Packages

  • For use with Turbo Ice Makers
  • Ammonia or R-22 Refrigerant
  • 16 Models
  • 200 HP and Larger Engines
  • Fixed Speed Control
  • In various applications gas engine driven compressors can drastically reduce utility cost

FES GL Series Industrial Refrigeration Screw Compressor Packages

  • For Use with Turbo Ice Makers
  • Ammonia or R-22 Refrigerant
  • 14 Models
  • 215-2300 TR

FES GS & GM Series Industrial Refrigeration Screw Compressor Packages

  • Ammonia or R-22 Refrigerant
  • 8 Models
  • 55 - 220 TR


Vilter Reciprocating Compressor Packages with Micro-Processors

You can save time and money on your refrigeration requirements with Vilter’s reciprocating compressor packages. These standard packages consist of a 450XL or 440 reciprocating compressor (with a 2-year warranty), a Microprocessor Control with NEMA 4 enclosure and Vilter’s Super Separator with flanged access cover. All of these components, plus all valving, piping and wiring are integrated into one compressor package on a single, structural steel base.

Prepackaging reduces field installation time. The unit’s compact design allows the package to fit into the tightest of areas. With Vilter’s efficient Super Separator oil loss is reduced to a minimum.

Vilter 400 series reciprocating packages are available in direct drive and V-belt configurations using ammonia, R-22 and other new refrigerants Six compressor sizes are available, each with standard (and optional) steps of unloading.

Vilter VMC 350ES and 320 compressor models are also available as complete reciprocating packages.


MYCOM W Series Reciprocating Compressor

For many years MYCOM has met diverse industrial needs with a family of high-quality, strong and easy-to-operate compressors.

Upgraded performance maximizes the energy saving. Optimizing the design of the plate valve section is the key to the new standard of performance. The W series compressor incorporates major changes in the plate valve lift, valve springs lift and gas cushioning. These changes dramatically enhance performance and provide more refrigeration per BPH.

Upgraded durability cuts your upkeep costs: One of the major service requirements of a reciprocating compressor is replacements of the plate valve. The design of the plate valve of the W series compressor improves durability and ensures a long service life and less maintenance.

Abundant options lets you customize W series compressor to different operating conditions. A prospective user can choose from among an air-cooled, water-cooled or refrigerant-cooled head cover (s). The user has a choice of a water-cooled or refrigerant-cooled oil cooler, and can specify either an internal, external or combination internal/external oil filter. Control options include a mechanical or microprocessor based system. Options are available for the pressure gauge board and control switch arrangement, and the user has a choice of a belt drive or direct drive system.

Common parts for ammonia and halo-carbon refrigerant applications slash your inventory. The W series Compressor uses many parts in common to both ammonia and halo carbon refrigerant applications.

Pollution-Free Gaskets. MYCOM considers the future. Pollution-free non-asbestos gaskets are standard. Asbestos gaskets are available if preferred.

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